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Upper Limits offers something for everyone. From our 65′ silos, main climbing area of overhanging terrain, outdoor boulder, 110′ outdoor wall, and six autobelays. We offer a large selection of classes and can accommodate any skill level. Whether you’re a complete beginner, experienced, or looking for a group activity, Upper Limits has got you covered.

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Upper Limits offers multiple classes from beginner to advanced. Checkout some of our most popular classes below.

Popular Classes

Rock Gym 101

After taking this two-hour class, students will have the proper knowledge and technique to top rope climb indoors.

  • Proper Belay Technique
  • Knot Tying
  • Equipment Usage
  • And so much more!
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Rock Gym 102

A customized lesson focusing on refining your climbing technique through footwork, coordination, weight transfer, and mental preparation. This two hour class will improve your climbing and enable you to break through to the next level.

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Lead 101

After you have honed your top rope skills, you may be ready to learn the fundamentals of lead climbing and belaying. Learning to lead will add new challenges and adventure to your climbing. Sport climbing, as it is referred to, differs from top roping in that the rope is not secured to anchors at the top of the climb. Instead, the climber trails the rope up with him/her and clips it into anchors along the way up the route.

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Having a Party?

Your birthday will be anything but ordinary when you bring your friends to Upper Limits for a birthday climbing adventure!

What people are saying

“I had a birthday party there for my 9 year old son. Parents are still coming up to me days later, telling me how much fun their son had at the party. I heard one boy tell my son that it was the “best birthday party ever”. I was surprised at how much fun they really had. I would highly recommend it.

Catherine P, Online Review

Our family of 5 all enjoyed it, from the oldest(45) to the youngest (5yrs)

Joy H, Online Review

It was my first time at Upper Limits and it was great, the service is terrific, everyone was very friendly. I’m definitely coming back

Joe A., Online Review

I felt very safe there because of the very good/careful instructions given to our small class, enabling individual attention to each student. There was also a watchful staff presence in the climbing area. All in all, lots of fun!

Jason S, Online Review

My family and I had a great time! My 11 yr old girl and my 7 yr old boy both had a blast! There was plenty of climbs to do for all abilities. It was a great confidence booster for my son. He was very reluctant to try anything, at first. But after watching his sister and the rest of the kids and climbers for awhile, he was coaxed into putting on the “belts” and he was hooked. He absolutely loved it! And he was able to try and succeed at the easier climbs, which as a parent, I was glad to see that he was willing to try! We will definitely be back again, as soon as we have another school break.

Susan H. , Online Review

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